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for IP to ■ Key Term Quiz provides an excellent tool Use the Key Terms list to complete the sentences that follow. Not all terms will be used. The for conceptualizing how a TCP/IP network works 6, SI hert (Select the best answet) 1. The 2. Most often, the 3. Using the creates packets for moving data across networks7. On a sending machine, data gets broken up connection between the PC and the network send a packet that every ocher PC on the network . A(n) isan example ofsoftware that not a separan t theof the OSI seven-layer provides the physicalmodel. 8. NICs encapsulate data into a(n) - enables multiple machines 4. You can connect two very different networks by10. Theprovides the key interface enables a computer to for sending that data over a network. will process to connect over a network. using a(n) between the Physical and Network layers. s. Every NIC has a hard-coded identifier called aln) ■ Multiple-Choice Quiz 5) Which of the following OSI layers converts the ones Which of the following is most likely to be a MAC 1. 4. address assigned to a NIC? A. B. C. 23.4Е 17BA.40.10 D. 713.555.1212 Which layer of the TCP/IP model involves routing? A. Link layer B. Transport layer C. Internet layer D. Application layer and zeroes to electrical signals and places these signals on the cable? A. Physical layer B. Transport layer C. Network layer D. Data Link layer 5. 2. The term unshielded twisted pair describes which of the following network components? A. Cable B. Hub C. Router D. NIC From the options that follow, select the one that best describes the contents of a typical (simplifed) 6. How much data can a typical frame contain? A. 500 bytes B. 1500 bytes С. 1500 kilobytes D. 1 megabyte Which of the following best describes an IP address? 3. network frame. A. Senders MAC address, recipients MAC 7. address, data, FCS address, data, FCS data, FCS address, data, FCS A unique dotted decimal notation burned into every NIC A. B. Recipients MAC address, senders MAC C. Recipients IP address, senders IP address, D. Recipients e-mail address, senders e-mail B. A unique 48-bit identifying number burned C. A dotted decimal notation assigned to a NIC by D. A 48-bit identifying number assigned to a NIC into every NIC software by software Chapter 2: Network Models
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