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  3. for question 9 i use the equation 021300000115000069x 25000...

Question: for question 9 i use the equation 021300000115000069x 25000...

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QUESTION 9 Peter has inherited $100,000 from a wealthy uncle who has passed away. Peter is deciding how to invest his money. Peter in nsky assets where there are three outcomes: he has a 21 percent chance of losing $30,000, a 10 percent chance of gaining $15,000 and a 69 percent chance of gaining an unknown amount of money. What must the unknown amount of no decimal points, spaces. S signs, or commas in your answer). 2 из 198

QUESTION 10 Jennifer is looking to sell her one-person Laser sail boat, which she has kept in excellent condition. Ordinarily this type of sail boat sells second hand for S3,000, but as Jennifer has looked after hers extremely well, she will only want to sll it for S3,500. Tom is looking to buy a second-hand sail boat and is willing to pay up to $3,900 for a boat in excellent condition. Tom has no inexpensive way to determine whether Jennifers boat is in good condition or not Answer the following questions: a. Thinking like an economist, would Tom definitely buy the sail boat from Jennifer? Type Y for Yes or N for No. Answer to the nearest whole dollar (with no decimal places). c Over the following few months, after many sail boats are put up for sale at the end of a summer sailing season, what Type in D for decrease, R for remains the same, C for increase, or U for unable to tell.

FOR QUESTION 9 I USE THE EQUATION (0.21)(30000)+(0.1)(15000)+(0.69)(X) = 25000 BUT NOT SURE IF IS NEGATIVE 30000 OR POSITIVE


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