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Question: french beginners task 2 10 marks say the following...

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Task 2 – 10 Marks

Say the following numbers in French. 15, 5, 0, 21, 32, 12, 43, 18, 7, 24.

Task 3 – 20 Marks

You have struck up a conversation with a young couple and their children.

1.    Ask how old their children are.

2.    Ask what they are called. (What their names are).

3.    Now introduce yourself: say where you come from and that you have three children – two boys and a girl.

4.    Ask where they live.

Now you have met a little girl and want to ask her some questions too.

5.    Ask her name.

6.    Ask how old she is.

7.    Ask if she has any brothers or sisters.


Task 6 – 20 Marks

Look at the activities below and then say how often you do them.  If you don’t do a particular activity, then you will need to say that you never do it. 

·           Go swimming

·           Go to the cinema

·           Go to a restaurant

·           Go to your friend’s home

·           Go to the theatre

·           Go to the beach (à la plage)

·           Go to the supermarket

·           Do you work?  If so, which day/days?


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