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Question: french beginners task 5 20 marks finding the french...

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Task 5 – 20 Marks

Finding the French. These situations can be found in all the units leading up to and including unit 8. If you can’t remember what to say, have a look in the dialogues, mot à mot, info langue and the exercises. All the answers are there. Find the French for these situations.

1. You want to attract someone’s attention in the street. It’s a man. What do you say?

2. A friend asks how you are. You’re not feeling at all well. What do you say?


3. Someone asks you the way to the supermarket. Tell them that it is 500 metres away, straight along the road. ______________________________________________________________________ _

4. At the station, you want a single ticket to Rouen. What do you say? ______________________________________________________________________

5. You want to know what time the next train to Rouen is. What do you say? ______________________________________________________________________

6. In a café a friend asks if you would like some olive cake. Tell them that you don’t like it. ______________________________________________________________________ _

7. In a café you ask for the bill. What do you say? ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

8. You are in a hotel. You phone reception to tell them the toilet is not working. What do you say? ______________________________________________________________________

9. Arriving at a hotel, you want to know where the lifts are. What do you say?

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