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Question: french translate to french my name is haley i live...

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My name is Haley. I live in Sydney. Despite the restrictions we have because of COVID-19, i still prefer to live in my area. I live in a suburb called ASHCROFT. I have many of my friends that i grew up with and still in contact with. Our main shopping centre is Westfield Liverpool centre and we have many great take-way places. My favourite take-away palce is Broaster Chicken. It is the best chicken i have ever eaten. The only thing that my area does'nt have is the beaches as i really love the beach.


Task 7 – 15 Marks Find the question. Here are answers, which were given in interviews where people talked about themselves. Write the question, which you think prompted each answer.

1. J’ai quinze ans. __________________________________________________________________

2. J’habite à Sydney. ___________________________________________________________________

3. Je suis professeur. ___________________________________________________________________

4. Je m’appelle Julie. ___________________________________________________________________

5. Je suis née en Australie. ___________________________________________________________________

6. J’ai trois enfants. ___________________________________________________________________

7. Je travaille dans une école

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