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From the given information, please give examples of any possible problems and/or identify any areas for improvements.

Also, please complete the Planned order form (table 15.15). Show all calculations (if any) and any work for numbers that are entered into the form.

CASE Flashy Flashers, Inc Flashy Flashers is a medium-sized firm employing 900 persons and 125 managerial and administrative personnel. The firm produces a line of believes that there is always a better way and seeks to continually improve automotive electrical components. It supplies about 95 auto parts stores and the companys processes. To get a better sense for potential improvements Moonbird Silverstreak car dealers in its region. Johnny Bennett, who serves she met with the production and inventory control manager, the shop super as the president, founded the company by producing cable assemblies in his visor, and the purchasing manager. Here are some of their observations garage. By working hard, delivering consistent product quality, and by provid ing good customer service, he expanded his business to produce a variety of electrical components. Bennetts commitment to customer service is so strong Inventory records and BOM files are accurate and well maintained. Inventory that his company motto, Love Thy Customers As Thyself, is etched on a big transactions are faithfully made when inventory is replenished or removed cast-iron plaque under his giant oil portrait in the buildings front lobby A year later, the MRP system is working fairly well. However, Marley Production and Inventory Control Manager from the stockroom so that current on-hand balances are credible. There is a The companys two most profitable products are the automotive front MRP explosion each week, which gives the company the new material sidelamp and the headlamp. With the rising popularity of Eurosport sedans, requirements plan. it provides information that helps identitfy when new orders such as the Moonbird Silverstreak, Flashy Flashers has enjoyed substantial need to be launched. Information can also be searched to help identify which scheduled receipts need to be expedited and which ones can be delayed by Last year, Kathryn Marley, the vice president of operations and supply assigning them a later due date, thereby making room for more urgent jobs One planner suggested that the MRP outputs should be extended to first important step toward the eventual goal of a full-fledged ERP system. provide priority and capacity reports, with pointers as to which items need Marley worked closely with the task force that was created to bring MRP their attention. The original plan was to get the order-launching capability online. She frequently attended the training sessions for selected employees, implemented first. However, there is no formal system of priority planning emphasizing how MRP should help Flashy Flashers secure a better competi- other than the initial due date assigned to each scheduled receipt when it is leased, transforming it from a planned order release into a scheduled demand for these two lamp items. chain management, approved the installation of a new MRP system. It is a tive edge

receipt. The due dates do not get updated later even when there are unex Purchasing pected scrap losses, capacity shortages, short shipments, or last-minute Buyers are putting out too many fires, leaving little time for creative buying. n changes in the MPS (responding to requests from favorite customers). Jobs are scheduled on the shop floor and by suppliers according to the EDD rule, very near future or that are even late. Sometimes the MRP plan shows based on their due dates. If due dates assigned to scheduled receipts were updated, it might help get open orders done when they are really needed. immediately, not allowing for the planned lead time. In checking the MRP Furthermore, planned order releases in the action bucket are translated into scheduled receipts (using inventory transactions), after checking that its com-Last week things were fine for an item, and this week a rush order needs to ponents are available. The current system does not consider possible capac- be ity problems when releasing new orders such cases, their time is spent following up on orders that are required in the planned order releases for purchased items that that are needed almost records, the planned lead times are realistic and what the suppliers expect. placed. What is the problem? Marley tried to assimilate all this information. She decided to collect all the required information about the sidelamps and headlamps (shown in Table 15.11 through Table 15.14 and in Figure 15.43) to gain further insight into possible problems and identify areas for improvement. Shop Supervisor His primary complaint is that the shop workloads are anything but level. One week, they hardly have any work, and the supervisor overproduces (more than called for by the scheduled receipts) just to keep everyone busy. The next Your Assignment week can be just the opposite-so many new orders with short fuses that almost everyone needed to work overtime or else the scheduled receipt quan- tities are reduced to cover immediate needs. It is feast or famine, unless they make things work on the shop floor! They do make inventory transactions to week. Assume th report deviations from plan for the scheduled receipts, but these overrides make the scheduled receipt information in the MRP records more uncertain for the planners. A particular concern is to make sure that the bottleneck workstations are kept busy Put yourself in Marleys place and prepare a report on your findings Specifically, you are required to do a manual MRP explosion for the side lamps and headlamps for the next 6 weeks (beginning with the current at it is now the start of week 1. Fill in the planned order releases form provided in Table 15.15. It should show the planned order releases for all items for the next 6 weeks. Include it in your report. TABLE 15.11 PART NUMBERS AND TABLE 15.12 MASTER PRODUCTION SCHEDULE Item Description and Part NumberQuantity MPS Start Date Headlamp (HL200E) DESCRIPTIONS Part Number Description C206P C310P 90 Back rubber gasket Headlamp Head frame subassembly Head lens Headlamp module Head frame Sidelamp Week 5 Week 6 Week 3 Week 5 Week 6 75 Sidelamp (SL100E) HL211A 80 HL212P HL223 SL100E SL111P SL112A SL113P SL121F SL122A SL123A SL131F SL132P SL133F SL134P TABLE 15.13 REPLACEMENT PART DEMAND Item Description and Part Number Side lens (SL111P) Quantity Date Side frame subassembly Side lens rubber gasket Side frame Side bulb subassembly Flasher bulb subassembly Side cable grommet and receptacle Side bulb Flasher cable grommet and receptacle Flasher bulb 40 Week 3 35 Week 6

HL200E SL100E HL211A HL212P C206P SL111P SL112A SL113P C310P HL222P HL223F C310P SL121F SL122A SL123A SL131F SL132P SL133FSL134P Note: Usage quantities are shown in parentheses. FIGURE 15.43 BOMs for Headlamps and Sidelamps Supplement your report with worksheets on the manual MRP explosion, Finally, identify the good and bad points of MRP implementation at and list the actions that planners should consider this week to (1) release new orders, (2) expedite scheduled receipts, and (3) delay a scheduled receipts due date Flashy Flashers. Conclude by making suggestions on ways to improve its resource planning process. TABLE 15.14 SELECTED DATA FROM INVENTORY RECORDS Part Number C206P C310P HL211A HL212P HL222P Lead Time(weeks) Safety Stock(units)Lot-Sizing Rule On-Hand (units) 270 Scheduled Receipt (units and due dates) 30 F00 = 2,500 FOQ 180 L4L FOQ 350 POQ (P 4 weeks) POQ (P 4 weeks) FOQ 350 L4L FOQ = 100 L4L L4L FOQ 200 P00 (P 2 weeks) FOQ 100 F00-250 FOQ 100 20 80 (week 1) 15 15 10 10 285 (week 1) 20 (week 1) SL111P SL112A SL113P SL121F SL122A SL123A SL131F SL132P SL133F SL134P 15 20 20 80 (week 2) 20 80 (week 2) 80 (week 2) 110 (week 1) 100 (week 1) 25 35 240 100

TA BLE 15.15 PLANNED ORDER RELEASE FORM Fill in the planned order releases for all components. Week Item Description and Part Number Side lens (SL111P) Side lens rubber gasket (SL113P) Side frame subassembly (SL112A) Side frame (SL121F) Side bulb subassembly (SL122A) Flasher bulb subassembly (SL123A) Side cable grommet and receptacle (SL131F) Flasher cable grommet and receptacle (SL133F) Side bulb (SL132P) Flasher bulb (SL134P) Head frame subassembly (HL211A) Head lens (HL212P) Headlamp module (HL222P) Head frame (HL223F) Back rubber gasket (C310P) Screws (C206P)

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