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Question: from where did they get the 15 please show work...

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From where did they get the 15?
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8.4 Account for accrued liabilities and unearned revenue 3 of 22 (7 complete) 7 c QC8-9 (similar tol Help Me Solve This Adventure defective an defective un d w Question Help 4% of the units sold will prove defective and require an average repair cost of $45 per unit. total sales were 900 units; by the end of the month, twenty - two defective units had been repaired. The liability for product warranties at ng Co. was organized to sell a single product that carries a 45-day warranty against defects. Engineering estimates indicate that During Campings first month of operations aguigThe liability OB. $1,9 C. $2. month-end should be O D. $3, Given that this is the first month of operations for Car 15x $45? not a beginning balance in the account. Therefore, the balance of the liability accounit at e enu or ue month will be the difference between the warranty expense recorded and the cost of the repairs made. Camping made airs consisiting of 15 defective units by the end of the month at the average repair cost of $45. Use the formula below to calculate the balance of the Accrued Warranties Payable account. Accrued Warranties Payable Repairs made Accrued warranties payable Warranty expense 675 945 1,620 This question is complete. Move your cursor over or tap on the red arrows to see incorrect answers. All parts showing Close ick to sele l narts sh
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