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Fullscreen Pagetlip Layout wX C DLab 2 IT111 21 ABIC] Intro X 闻www.site.uottawa.ca/~gv¡Cours X + ← → С ⓘN ot securewww.site.uottawa.ca/ g Courses IT 1121 Q ☆。 > C ⓘNot secure www.site uottawa.ca/ gv Courses IT 1121 . Q ☆。 cubli closs Conbination Instance varities Reswe ths coement and declor our instance variables here 3. Combination You will hand in this exercise. Dowmload and complete the starter hle here: Combination java. Implement a class, called Combination, to storc thrcc Intogervalucs (ints) 1 declare the necessary Instance variablas to store the three Intepervalues 2 urealeacurislructur,publi Combination(int first, int second, int third), lo iriialize Uhe values of this objecl. Constructor wblic Corou tíont int first, int second, 1nt third 〕 Your cade here An inszonce Msthod tha ccpares this obiect // Alors check that other is not nul. í // access other.tirst it other aDs null. ії) nu1l is a sply return Talent implement the instance methoc public boolean必quals(Combination other), such that equals returns true it other contains the same values, In the same order, as this Combination: the order Is dehned by the order or the parameters ot the Fut your code here nc reswe the 11ine belcn return true // ReturnsるString resresentation ot this Corbination. oublic Strirg toString() รั nea Cn.ht.肝1m(1, 2, 1〕 Fut your code hare anc renve the 1ine belcn return then c1-equals(c2) is true but c1equals(c3) is false; 1 nnally, implement the method public String toString, to returna String representation of this object, where the nrst, second and Lhird values dre curicalerialed and separaled by .. symbols. E Covbination cl - nen Corbi ation, 2, 3) displays 1:23 The interface of the class Combination consists therefore of its constructor, the method equals and the method toString Ideally, the Input data should be valldated. In particular, all the values should be in the range 1 tos. However, since we do not yet have the tools to handle exceptional situations, we will assume tor now) that all the inpuit dats are valid! Note: SImpler code is better and It is worthwwhlle spending time cleaning up code aven It It was alreadyworking Hint: my implementation isapproximately 20 lines larg, not ocunting hlank linni. This is not ה cnntrst to write the shortest clan; declaratlon. Iam providing this Informatlon so that you can evaluate the relatlve complaxlty of the tasks. 2:50 PM Type here to search 1/22/2019

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