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f(x) = e-e-p?/(2o3 )f(x) = e-x Dx/2 Zoom in (o1)-2 (o2)-2 (ad)-2 and once again, without loss of generality, we took the liberty of setting μ-0. Show that in this case and hence the appropriate normalization factor is _ (27)-d/2IỆD「1,2, where IDI is the determinant of D Finally consider the general d dimensional case where 2 is a generic symmetric positive definite matrix, but once again we set -0. By the spectral theorem, Σ-1 can be written in the form where D is diagonal and Q is orthogonal i. Explain geometrically why we must have that ii. Explain why I Σ-1-ID, and use this to complete the derivation of the final formula (3)

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