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G Chase Checking C) 羔duck Lnks l Glendale Commu O Assignment 2 xAssignment 2 Descipton CSCC Computer Science question |x+ × credit Card, Mortgage, Bankin × > Part 2 (10 points): Create a Java program that converts the temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit and vice versa. Create a nomed constont for your base volue and the two conversion rates. Use the nomed constants in your conversion calculations for finding Fahrenheit and then verifying that the Fahrenheit temperature is the same as the original Celsius temperature. When run, the program should look lke the screenshot shown below BASE 32 Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion factor 9.0/5.0 Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion factor-5.0/9.0 Fahrenheit to Celsius and Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion formulas: Fahrenheit (9/5) Celsius+32 Celsius (Fohrenheit-32) *(5y9) Name your Java program TempConverter.java and submit it to Canvas along with the other files specified in the Grading section below. Make sure your program compiles before submitting it to avoid losing points. Output values should not be hardcoded. Example 1 Starting Celsius ternperature-51 Fahrenheit conversion 123.8 Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion check 51

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