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Gail is the project manager tasked to install a nursing documentation application. She is planning on bringing all of the team members together for an introduction. The other members of the team include:

1) One medical/surgical unit nurse manager who is the head of the team

2) Two nursing unit clerical support staff members

3) The hospital medical records supervisor

4) One case manager

5) A daytime hospitalist,

6) An emergency department nurse

7) The chief hospital cook from the 7 am-3 pm shift

Gail’s created a short agenda for her first “kick-off” meeting, this agenda is provided to the team:

Time Start

Time Stop




Informal Meet and Greet



Formal Introductions



Review Goal – Automate Nursing Documentation



During the informal meet and greet the team leader personally spoke with each member and members chatted with other members. Following this, the thirty-minute formal introductions took place. The team leader introduced herself and had requested for team members introduce themselves and answer at least one of the following three questions:

1. Describe your perfect day

2. What is your preferred pet?

3. What is your favorite food?

After each introduction, the leader made a positive comment about the team member. Following the introductions, the leader looks at her watch and shares her view that in spite of the time it takes communicating personally with group members it results in greater effective communication between group members, which in turn increases the sense of group cohesiveness.

Discussion Questions:

In your responses, provide a response that supports your view of the effectiveness of the meeting by responding to these questions.

3.Do you think that the team leader will be an effective communicator?

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