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Question: galaxy corporation wanted to lease some warehouse space from manner...

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Galaxy Corporation wanted to lease some warehouse space from Manner Investment Group. The two entities entered into a "handwritten deal," which was executed on the warehouse property. The handwritten lease was one page long and contained the following information:


The parties, Galaxy Corporation, lessee, and Manner Investment Group, lessor, agree to lease warehouse property located in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The parties agree that the lease term shall be five years with monthly rent at $3570 for year one with a 5% increase over the terms of the lease. The deposit for the warehouse is $5000 payable at the time this agreement is executed.

Signed/ Marshall Shields, VP
Galaxy Corporation

Signed/ Diana Sutton, Managing Partner
Manner Investment Group

The handwritten date of April 29, 2010 was at the bottom of the document. Galaxy tendered the initial deposit and first month's rent. Later that week, Manner Investment sent Galaxy a formal lease agreement which included additional costs such as the common area costs, real property taxes and insurance premiums. Galaxy refused to sign the lease stating that the one-page, handwritten document contained all the terms of their deal. Manner Investment wants to sue Galaxy.

What arguments under contract law would Manner Investment Corporation raise to invalidate the original agreement?

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