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Gary and John are playing a game. Gary is going to randomly pick an integer from 1 to 4 (inclusive) and John will randomly guess which number Gary has picked. One possible outcome of this game is (1,3): Gary picked 1, and John guessed 3. Assume all the outcomes are equally likely. 2. Define the following events: A: The summation of picking and guessing number from outcome is greater than 4 B: John correctly guessed Garys number C: John guessed a number that is greater than the number Gary picked. a) How many outcomes are in the sample space? b) List the outcomes in events AC, B, and C c) Find P(B) d) Find P(Cc) e) Find (P(A u B) f Find P(A U Bc) g) Find P(AlC) h) Find P(BIC) i) Find P(CA UCC)C i) Consider all pairs of events A, B,and C. Are any of the pairs mutually exclusive from each other? If so, name them and explain your answer.

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