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Genetics Question- Just want to make sure my thinking is along the right path. Thank you! D. In general, proteins are finicky and difficult to control in a test tube. Therefore, when researchers will develop an alternative approach to carry out their functions. For example, of the proteins that is necessary for DNA replication is an enzyme one two strands and that breaks the between separates them into two single strands of DNA. Either circle this factor above or write it out below. As an alternative, researches found that high temperatures (near boiling, 99 C), the thermal energy of the DNA strands will overcome the attraction of the hydrogen bonds and the two strands will separate. This change also motivates why we use DNA polymerase l from Thenmus aquaticus. Can you hypothesize why this is so? DNA Hell ca we use DNA polymerase I from Thermus aquahus, be cauce it is thermostable, meaning it can withstand the high tempurature used separate the two stands

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