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Gilberto, Lorenzo, and Sam are lumberjacks who live next to a forest that is open to logging: in other words, anyone is free to use the forest for logging Assume that these men are the only three lumberjacks who log in this forest and that the forest is large enough for all three lumberjacks to log intensively at the same time Each year, the lumberjacks choose independently how many hectares of trees to cut down; specifically, they choose whether to log intensively (that is, to clear- cut a section of the forest, which hurts the sustainability of the forest if enough people do it) or to log nonintensively (which does not hurt the sustainability of the forest). None of them has the ability to control how much the others log, and each lumberjack cares only about his own profitability and not about the state of the forest Assume that as.long.as no more than one lumberjack logs intensively, there are enough trees to regrow the forest. However, if two or more log intensively., the forest will become useless in the future. Of course, logging intensively earns a lumberjack more money and greater profit because he can sell more trees The forest is an example of because the trees in the forest are and Depending on whether Lorenzo and Sam both choose to log either nonintensively or intensively, fill in Gilbertos profit-maximising response in the following table, given Lorenzo and Sams actions Lorenzo and Sams Actions Log Nonintensively Log Intensively Gilbertos Profit-Maximising Response Which of the following solutions could ensure that the forest is sustainable in the long run, assuming that the regulation is enforceable? Check all that apply. Outlaw intensive logging. Convert the forest to private property, and allow the owner to sell logging rights. Develop a program that entices more lumberjacks to move to the area.

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