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Question: girder bc of the rigid frame abc shown in figure...

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Girder BC of the rigid frame ABC shown in Figure (a) supports a uniform dead load (D) of 500 lb/ft over its entire length. A maximum live load (L) of 400 lb/ft can act over girder BC. In addition, when the wind (W) blows from left to right, it creates the equivalent of a lateral force of 5 kips at joint B and an uplift of 400 lb/ft over the entire length of girder BC as shown in Figure (b). Wind from the opposite side need not be considered. 1) Determine the following a) Determine the ultimate loads acting on the frame by considering the load cases involving dead, live, and wind loads, and draw the bending moment diagram in each case b) If the design dimensions of Girder BC are controlled by moment, determine the value of the required flexural strength Mu at the section of maximum moment (40 points) 400 lb/ ft 5 kips 20 ft Figure (a) Figure (b)

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