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Question: given dimensions of beam as 760mm x 257mm x 10m...

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Given: dimensions of beam as 760mm x 257mm x 10m yield strength 1189MPa ultimate strength= 1331 MPa percentage elongation-990 volume- 0.760 x 0.257 x 10- 1.9532 m cross sectional area = 0.760 x 0.257 = 0.19532 m2 mass- density x volume density 0.283 x 27679.9-7833.4117 kg/m3 mass(m) 15300.21973 kg weight (w)- mg; g-9.81 ms2 w= 150kN yield strength (ay)- 1189MPa ultimate strength (ou) 1331 MPa E youngs modulus or modulus of elasticity MPa moment of inerita 206.8472 Ixx- (M x (d2+L2)/12 15300.219 x(102+0.2572)/12 127586.0387 m lyy -(M x (b+L2/12 128238.2755 m lzz (M x (b2+d2/12 820.666422 m1 static load is due to self weight ost W/A 150/0.19532 767.97 KPa suddenly applied load or shock load o(suddenly applied)-instantaneous elongation x E/ L- elongation x L x E / L = % elongation x E = 18.616248 MPa Pl instantaneous load) = σ x A / 2-1 .818 MN cyclic load or repeated load(or)-ơ x (1+e)-18.61 628 x( 1+.02) 18.988 MPa e conventional engineering strain P (cyclic Load) ơ x A-3.636 MN
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