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Question: given the following code in c circle class ...

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Given the following code in C ++:

Circle class:
double centerX;
double CenterY;
double radius;
setCenter (double, double);
setRadius (double);


Re-write the previous class correcting possible errors.

Add the following member functions. Show your code in three files.

* Builders (with argument / without argument)
* Define the Copy Constructor
* Mutators (set's) and Accessors (get's)
* Incorporate the use of the "this" pointer in its implementation (waterfall effect)
* Calculate the diameter (d) of the circle (r = 2d)
* Calculate the area of the circle (Area = pi r ^ 2)
* Calculate the circumference (Circumference = 2pi r ^ 2)
* Print the Standard function (x-h) ^ 2 + (y-k) ^ 2 = r ^ 2 of the circle whose center C (h, k), with its other components.
* Where r = radius of the circle
* invoke your main program demonstrating the use of each function.
* UML diagram

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