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Given the simple Customer-Subscribesto phonecompany database schema which contains three files describing information about telephone company subscribers as follows, answer the following questions with regards to this database. 1. (Total for que 1 is 10 marks) Customer (SSN: integer, CName: string, Caddress: string, balance: real) Subscribesto (SSN: integer, Compld: string, phonetype: string, month: string, billamt: real) PhoneCompany (CompId; string, CompName: string, Address: string Numproducts:integer) Note : SSN, CName, Caddress and balance stand for the customers social security number, name, address and phone bill balance owing respectively. Also, CompId, phonetype, month and billamt stand for the phone company identifier, the phone type the customer subscribes to, the month of subscription and the phone bill amount for that month. The rest of the attributes are for the companys name, their address and the number of phone products they provide to customers i)Create a valid instance of this database containing values for its records with at least four records in each file (3 marks) ii)Provide 2 informal English queries for this database with their answers. Each query should involve at least 2 of the files in the database and your answer should indicate the files (e.g., Customer, Subscribesto) needed to answer each query and specify what fields are being retrieved as the result (e.g., CName, balance). Please, provide your solution in the 3 column table below specify at least 3 relationships (one for each of the 3 database files) among the records of the database. For each file (e.g., Customer), list any relationships it has with the other files through its fields (e.g., SSN). Provide your solution using the table below (4 marks) iii) (3 marks)

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