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globalization debate

es season 1 Blackboard Leam x M Dsa Student Chapter 01 Appkabon Exercises | + e Planner G future shit rapperBlackboard LeamWelcome to Gothich Submit Form Watch Power Season Alyseahsimone ] Bo er 01 Application Exercises 6 Evaluate the issues listed on the left. Decide whether the issue is an Argument For Globalization or an Argument Against Globalization and who or what is being affected by the issue. Drag the issue to the appropriate column àn the chart Employees have access to better training and ski might resut in higher wages which Development of beter skils More markets to sel in Can go bankrupt due to Loss of jobs due to Lack of adequate regulations More products to choose from Tougher laws lead to lower Who/What is uments Against Globalization Globalization Producers The Consumens pollution rates Dont know how products are Reset
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