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Question: go to the mount st helens placemark in google earth...

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Go to the Mount St. Helens placemark in Google Earth. Tilt, pan, and zoom until you have a good view into the summit crater. Next, use the “Show historical imagery” tool (the button along the top with a clock-and-arrow icon) to bring up the time slider. Use the slider to travel back and forth through time, showing what the mountain looked like in the past as compared to the present. Focus on the years 2003-2006. During this period, Mount St. Helens went through its most active phase since the major eruption of 1980.

  1. What is the name of the feature that formed inside the crater during this active phase?

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  1. What does this feature’s presence tell you about the viscosity and silica composition of the magma within Mt. St. Helens?

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  1. Does this fit with the eruptive style shown by the 1980 eruption (explosive)?

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