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Goal: Look at the following codes below. Please make a mapping of this code in excel where you list the classes, fields, and map. There is an excel example below on how it should be formatted. Do not worry on the StreamSetFeilds column. Just focus on the three tasks at hand which is the object, fields, and map. The map column should be a combination of the field and classes.

File Edit Source Refactor Navigate Search Project Run Window Help Quick Access ColumjaiModulejavaImportSource,java MappingStrategyType..ModulejavaResourcejavaResourceType javaZonejava ZoneColumnMappingja.. 4 //that could be a table, stream, file, or even API 7 publ1c class Column i 8e ublic Column (String name, String dataTyp, boolean doFlowToTarget, boolean isPK, int legnth, Resource columnResource) ( 곰 this.name-name: this.datalype datalype 10 this.isPK-isPR: this.legnth - legnth: this.columnResourcecolumnResource: 14 18 private String name private String dataType private boolcan doFlowToTarget: private boolean isPK: private int 1egnth: private Reaource columnResource 21 2 public String getName) 27 return name 29 30 public void setName (String name) i this.name name 32 340 35 public String getDat aType() { return dataIype: 37 38 publie void setDataType (String dataType) 39 this.datalypedataType: Writable Smart Insert 17:5EclipseWorkspace - Java EE - CAUsersAG05359NDocumentsModule.java - Eclipse File Edit Source Refactor Navigate Search Project Run Window Help Quick Access ColumjavaiModulejavaImportSource,java MappingStrategyType..ModulejavaResourcejavaResourceType javaZonejava ZoneColumnMappingja.. 1 package com.anthem.tap.model: 2 import Java.util.HashMap: 3 public abstract class Module implements ikodule ( private String name: private String orchestrationstepName: private String commandExecutionstring: private boolcan isEnabled: private HashMapeString,String> properties- HashKap<> 10 12 13 public String getName 14 15 16 17 public void setName (String name) 18 19 20 21 public String getorchestrationSteName t return name this.name = name ; return orchestrationstepiame 23 24 25 public void setorchestrationStepName (String orchestrationStepName) t 26 27 28 29 public boolean isEnabled) 30 31 32 33 public void setEnabled (boolean enabled) 34 35 36 this orchestrationstepkameorchestrationstepName return isEnabled: isEnabled enabled: Writable Smart Insert 15:6File Edit Source Refactor Navigate Search Project Run Window Help Quick Access 团Resource java X 4) Zonejava columnjava 4 iModulejaa ImportSource ava 1 package c㎝. anthem. tap.model; MappingStrategyType.. 4 ModuleJava ResourceType ava ZoneColumnMapping ja. g@import java . util . ArrayList; 곰 7 /A resource represents an abstract type of data grouping. A resource could be a table, file. stream, or API 8 //other than a resource name a resource can be identified as propercies 9 public class Resource 10 11 12 public Resource (String name int resourceID, ResourceType resourceType, HashHap<String, String> resourceProperties, String zoneName) 16 this.resourceName name 17 th1s.reaourceIDreaourceID: 18 this.resourceTyperesourceType: 19 this.resourceProperties resourceProperties: 20 this.zoneName - zoneName 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 String resourceName: int resourceID: ResourceType resourceType HashMap<string, String resourceroperciesnew HashMap<Scring, String O String zoneName: List<Column> columns-new ArrayList<Column>(); 34 public String getResourceName 35 36 37 public vold aetResourceName (Scring reaourceName) 38 return resourceName this.resourceName-resourceName: Writable Smart Insert 15:31File Edit Source Refactor Navigate Search Project Run Window Help Quick Access Column,java iModulejava ImportSourcejava MappingStrategyType...Modulejava Resourcejava ResourceTypejavaZonejava ZoneColumnMapping ja.. 1 package c㎝. anthem. tap.model; 4 import java.util.List: 8 publie class Zone 10 //The name of the column private String name: proteeted void setName (Scring name) this.name name: 12 13 14 //Name-Value pair representing the name of service and the object inherited from Hodule. private HashKapeString, Kodule> modules- new HashNapeString, Hodule> O: private List<ZoneColumnMapping> map new Arraylist<zoneColumnMapping> O private String tinalProceaacode: private String startProcessCode: 16 17 18 19 20 public String getame) 21 return name 23 24 public List<string> getTargetColumnNames1 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32Θ public List<String> getTargetPKColumns O { List<string> cols new ArrayList map.forEach (xcols.add (x.getTargetColumnHapping return cols getName )) 34 35 36 37 38 List<string> cols new ArrayList Cor (ZoneColumnMapping colMap: map) Writable Smart Insert 14: 66MappingExample.dsx Read-Onlyl- Excel FILE HOME INSERT PAGE LAYOUTFORMULAS DATA REVIEW VIEW Mohamed, Mazen Calibri Conditional Format as Cell Insert Delete Format Sort &Find& B 1 u .茁 クー· EE r Merge & Center. $. % , e ormatting TableStyles- Clear Filter Select Font Styles Editing Document Recovery Excel has recovered the following files. Save the ones you wish to keep. Available Files Book (version 4).xisb [Aut... Version created from the 12/26/2018 1:50 PM KE CTW GLANCE TABLE.dsx 2 Version created last time t.. ImportUnit.stageWorkDirectory 10/26/2018 8:18 PM Version created from the 12/6/2018 1:54 PM StresmsetsDB hiveTsbleNsme ImportUnit.DO.dqAudit PHI fields pulled from DVT Version created last time t.. 12/5/2018 2-10 AM 申 Tables-Metadata-201 8120 Version created from the 12/6/2018 2-05 PM 26 Which tile do I want to save? Close Final Schema CurrentToo!Metadata | MicroServiceMetaData Comments 囲回凹 70% 2

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