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Goal of this assignment is to test your understanding of programming in any language that you studied and ability to map UML to code. In this assignment, you will implement the classic word guessing game Hangman. The user interface of the game is shown below. You are required to implement the game with exact functional and user interface specifications. The “File” and “Help” menu choices are not important. Upon start of the application, user shall see following screen. Game is still not started. The keyboard is inactive in this mode. “XXXX….” Indicates that no word is ready to be guessed. Pressing the “Start Game” button, game will move to playing mode. The game will select a random word less then 16 character long and display it in the form of (----) on screen as seen in next figure. Go to screen 2 SCREEN - 1 New screen shows that word that is to be guessed is 13 characters long. ‘Stop Game” button is now active, which will take game to screen 1. To guess the word, click on a letter from keyboard. If selected character is found in hidden word, it is shown as seen below with example of “S” letter selection. SCREEN - 2 Go to screen 1 0 tries 1 tries As game progresses, user continues to guess the word by pressing various keys. Once whole word is guessed, it is shown on the screen as follows. Game can be restarted at this point by pressing “Stop Game” and then “Start Game” button again. Game continues to show number of tries user have gone through while guessing the word.. You can use any java program if you wish. such as eclipse

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