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Question: good morning i am currently working on an assignment for...

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Good Morning, 

I am currently working on an assignment for 1002PSY at Griffith University. I have chosen the concept of Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory (RST) and I am required to complete a literature review and do the following:


* Describe/Define RST

* Describe each component of RST

* How does RST differ from the psychoanalytic perspective of personality

* Discuss how RST can be used to explain individual differences in adolescent binge drinking

* Evidence whether or not cultural differences exist in personality. 


I have completed so much research on the theory and have well over thirty references, however, I feel like I have information overload and I'm now in a position where I don't know where to start as I have so many references and so much information.

I guess I am just after a bit of advice as to how to break this barrier and get moving on actually writing this literature review. 

Also in regards to the psychoanalytic perspective differing from the RST perspective could I respond to this from the point of view that RST is developed from a biological behaviour and that psychoanalytic is based on the present being shaped by our past and is subconscious in nature. 

Thank You 


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