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Graded homework This is a HOMEWORK activity and the outcome of your attempt will be assessed towards your performance in this course. When you are ready, enter your answers and click submit answers. You cannot go backwards once you have submitted a page If you would like to answer these questions offline, print this page and then bookmark it to be returned to your e-workbook home page. Please note that any answers you have entered on this page will not be kept with your bookmark. If you bookmark this page, you must return to it and submit your answers before the end date of this 1 of 7 ID: MST.SD.ST.03.0100 (1 point] A government study is undertaken with the alm of determining the benefits of a new driver training scheme and whether it has a different outcome on over 25 years old learner drivers than for under-25 years old learner drivers The training program is undertaken for a group of 80 learner drivers, half of which are under 25 years old, half are over 25 years old. Then within each group of 40, half are randomly selected to particlpate in the new training program. The results are recorded and compared This scenario is best described as an example of using available data a matched pairs experiment an observational study O a completely randomized design experiment a randomized block design experiment anecdotal evidence
2 of 7 ID: HST.SD ST.05.0060 [4 points)] Identify the type of problem most lkely to occur with each of the sampling or experiment methods below: Placebo bias effect Nonresponse Undercoverage Response a) A particular group or groups are left out b) A treatment is administered to all members of sample, and the results are observed c) A sample of people is randomly constructed from a government database and each when collecting a sample from a population. and measured sample member is mailled a survey and asked to complete and return it d) A sample of people are contacted by phone and asked about if they have ever performed some illegal activity and if so how frequently 03.0050 (2 points A study was conducted to help determine which of the top teo poitical parties the general population wou ld prefer to vote for in the up-coming election. In determining each of the 20 regions in the country to include in the sample, two stages were involved. Al the first stage, a random sample of 50 individuals was selected from and then pooled insto a combined sample of 1,000. At the second stage, these 1,000 Individuals from each group was selected were divided into 5 income level groups, and a random sample of 50 Select all of the statements regarding the sampling design in the above scenario that are true The second stage involves simple random sampling onily The first stage creates a stratified random sample The whole study creates a multistage random sample. The study does not involve a voluntary response O t3 peinte
4 ot7 ID: MST.SD.ST.03.0080 elect the type of sample that has been formed in each presented situation [3 points] Simple Stratified Voluntary Multistage random random response sample sample sample sample a) A company is investigating working conditions throughout their operations and has offered employees the opportunity to complete a questionnalre on this subject b) The island nation of South Nakaratu is planning for development of their public transport system. In order to help with this, 200 randomly selected citizens of the country are chosen from the general population and are required to complete a survey relating to their use of public transport and desired changes. c) It is suspected that a new medical treatment for influenza may affect men and women differently. A group of 30 males is randomly selected and a group of 30 women is randomly selected. The treatment is then applied to this group of 60 randomly selected people S et 7 ID: MSTETH 01.0030 [1 point) Two researchers are discussing the results of an experiment A: So we have some results of several trials. Most of the trials gave a positive result, only one trial failed to show a significant result. I think that something unusual must have happened during that particular trial so I say that we dont include that trial in our final report. Thats not lying, so we are not doing anything unethical. The positive results we did get are true and we are not falsifying any data B: Even though we would not be lying by omitting the failed trial, we cannot selectively pick out just the best results; we should instead make public all of our findings Otherwise, misleading to suggest that we found no contradictory evidence. So we should report all of our hings including the failed trist or ai.pas an hen udge for themselves and elther verlty or challenge our findings The researcher that is most correct in following ethical standards s researcher it is impossible to determine neither researcher is correctly following ethical standards of research
6 of 7 ID: MST.SD.ST.07.0010 [5 points)] An agricultural products manufacturers research and development wheat is planted in several test areas (plots), which are in a controled environment. Each are。is randomly assigned a specific quantity of the fertarer: either no fertäizer, a small amount, or a large amount of fertilize division is testing a newly developed wheat fertilizer he amount of water and the temperature are carefully controlled at specified levels and monitored for each for the duration of the test. Each area is administered ether 2, 4 or 8 itres of water per week After three months, the yield (e, the amount of wheat produced) for each group is messured and the results are compared a) This testing procedure is an example of a completely randomized design experiment randomired block design experiment matched palr experimen b) The unit of this experiment is the wheal c) The factors of this experiment are applicaion ol ertill tme period
ID: MST.DCP.CTD.06.0010 (1 point A market research firm has carried out an observational study on the chief executives frorn . random selection of the law eins in the country, with eference to this country, the group of chief executives that were studied forms a sample
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