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Question: grammar check for this paragraph please and if possible parapharase...

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Grammar check for this paragraph please and if possible parapharase in APA format

Empowering women is a must for economic development in Nepal. There is no way economy can reach its full potential towards development, when more than half of the population in a country are unskilled and uneducated. Empowerment of women has been so important for the contribution towards economic development in Nepal. However, according to Atteraya,Gnawali, and Palley (2016) Nepal is unable to make economic progress because of the emerging discrimination against caste/ethnic, gender , and geographic disparities. More recent research conducted in Nepal, and other part of South asia suggests that participation in women’s group can be a useful strategy to lessen poverty and gender based inequality ( Atteraya, Gnawali, and Palley, 2016). Women empowerment is measured by looking at the extent when women participate in self help groups, which is considered primary process for empowering women in rural areas of Nepal ( Atteraya, Gnawali, and Palley, 2016). According to Atteraya,Gnawali, and Palley (2016) from the research they have done, they say that women who participate in self help groups not only helps the economy but also helps develop confidence and negotiating skills, also helps in decision making and develops the ability to serve the community. According to Atteraya,Gnawali, and Palley (2016) women are more likely to participate in self help groups when women have employment opportunities, asset ownership, education opportunities and higher decision making autonomy in household. According to Mitra and Munda (2018) a proper evaluation of the skills and capabilities, actually influenced by women themselves are more effective to develop skills and building capacity. According to Singh (2018) motivating women to participate on the workforce would requires improvement in education ,skill development and employment opportunities available to women. According to Singh (2018) women empowerment can be achieved if the women are able to participate in development activities by equipping them to be more economically independent, self-reliant, have confidence to face any kinds of situation. According to Singh (2018) when women participate in skill development programs they are able to secure and develop three kinds of capital namely, human, financial and social, which results in bringing women together who are skilled and they can bridge the gaps through savings and credit. According to Malhotra and Schuler (2005) without women’s individual or collective ability to utilize the resources- economic, social, and political, in their own way and interests, resources themselves cannot bring empowerment.

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