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Groen Earth Hames Inc, bulds environmentally sensitie structures The companys 2018 revenues tatalad S2 805 milion At December 31, 2018, and 2017, tha company had, respcively, $645 milion and $575 milion in current assets. The companys balancs shaets and income statem Ell Click the icon to view the amounts) Read the equirementa. Requirement 1.Dascribe each of Green Earths lang term Eabiltics and stata haw the liablity arasc Choose the correct liabity from the list that best lits the deecriptien provided. Long term bonds payable Deferred income taxes payable Laases payable Requirement 2. What were the companys total assets at December 31, 2018? Evaluate the companys leverage and debt ratlos at the end of 2017 and 2018. Use Data Table The amount that the company expect to pay a coming year the resuit from the c ompany borrowing maney Internal Revenue reguletions for future lease payments d the company improve, dete The result of timing differences between GAAP and tax 8ccounting methods (such 88 depreciation). Income tBx expense At year-end (In millions) Liabiliies and slockholders equily Currant Eahilitias 2018 2017 The result from a company entering into long-term laases, such as forleasing property and aquipment. Tha account in the year? What wera the companys sotal assets at Daccmbar 31, 20187 The total assets at Decamber 31, 2018 were 4,879 milion Accounts payable S 118 176 186 28 Accrued expenses 161 Employec compensation and ba nefits Currant portion of long-tem dabt Total current labilties 397 1,322 116 13 1,782 5 4,879 S 3,630 322 1,980 150 18 Long-term bonds payable Dafarmnd income taxes payabla Leases payable Common stockholders equity Total liabiliies and stockholders equit Total liabilities Tatal assets - Debt ratio 2018 2.418 Yaar-end (in milions) Cost of goods sold S 2,058 S ,470 Print Done

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