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Group Exercise- Capacity. Process Flow, and Bottleneck Exercise: As a group, examine the process flow diagram for making a product and answer the questions below. There is nothing to hand in, but be prepared to explain your results to the rest of the class. Notes: The plant operates 24-hours per day, 7 days per week. The products are produced one at a time (i.e., one-piece flow) his is an ongoing operation; material is already moving through the system The upside-down triangles represent inventory The rectangles represent operations The figures above each operation represent its capacity (units /hr). The figures below each operation represent its cycle time (sec /unit). Capacity and cycle time are the inverse of each other Questions: 1. How many units can you produce during an 8-hour shift? 2. At what rate should raw material be released to Operation A? Why? scat? Wy 5 Which opermtion is th funds for extra equipment or to hire extra labor, but only if you can justify the action as necessary to increase capacity.) 4. What minimal actions could you take to double capacity? (Assume that it is possible to obtain

Process Flow - Service or Product A 240 units /hr 180 units /hr 200 units /hr Opn A Opn B Opn 300 units hr Opn D 15 sec /unit 20 sec /unit 18 sec /unit Finished Goods 12 sec /unit Work in Process Storage 240 units /hr 180 units /hr 200 units /hr Raw Material Opn A Opn B Opn C

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