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PROBLEMS 3-1. A tension test was performed on a steel specimen having an original diameter of 0.503 in. and gage length of 2.00 in. The data is listed in the table. Plot the stress-strain diagram and determine approximately the modulus of elasticity, the yield stress, the ultimate stress, and the fracture stress. Use a scale of 1 in. 20 ksi and 1 in. 0.05 in./in. Redraw the elastic region, using the same stress scale but a strain scale of 1 in. 0.001 in./in. Load (kip) Elongation (in.) 1.50 4.60 8.00 11.00 11.80 11.80 12.00 16.60 20.00 21.50 19.50 18.50 0.0005 0.0015 0.0025 0.0035 0.0050 0.0080 0.0200 0.0400 0.1000 0.2800 0.4000 0.4600 Prob. 3-1
USE THE DATA IN TEXT PROBLEM 3.1. FIND THE VALUES ASKED FOR IN THE TEXT PROBLEM 3.1. TO DO SO, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS BELOW. 1. Enter the given data into columns in Excel. 2. Calculate the corresponding Stress-Strain data. 3. Generate two different plots (on separate sheets) of the Stress Strain data: a. A plot of ALL the data b. A plot of the linear portion of the data 4. Label the axes either using Excel or by hand after you print out the plots. 4. Calculate and/or label the values requested in the text problem statement. When you calculate the modulus of elasticity you can do this BY HAND. You do not need to do it in Excel. SUBMIT 1. A printout of the tables of the original data and the calculated stress-strain data. Make sure they are labeled. 2. The two excel plots. Make sure they are labeled. 3. Clearly state the values asked for in the problem statement. You can add this by hand on the first sheet just below the tables if you would like. NOTE: You are submitting THREE sheets of paper. One sheet with the original data and calculated data. One sheet of the stress strain diagram for the entire set of data. One sheet of the stress strain diagram for the linear portion of the data.Guys, when i did it, the Professor said it is wrong, can you please help me with it?
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