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hag and ewareda your mind 2. (11 points) Once you graduate from university, you begin your career officially and stat earning salary regularly. Assume at your 35, you start your saving plan for the retirement after 30 years to your 65. Then you expect to have 15 years of retirement time to the age of 80. Your current salary per year is 30,000 and you do not have any asset accumulated before your 35-The real interest rate you face is 3% per year. Please answer the following questions based on the information provided. (a) If in the early stage, the annual rate is 24%, and they pay the money on a monthly base instead of the annual rate for the first year, what should be your effective annual rate points)? (b) Based on the information that you have, if your expected consumption after retirement is equal to 75% of the pre-retirement income, then how much should you save every year (8 points)?
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