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2. Your original population of 200 was hit by a tidal wave and 100 organisms were wiped out, leaving 36 homozygous recessive out of the 100 survivors. If we assume that all individuals were equally likely to be wiped out, how did the tidal wave affect the predicted frequencies of the alleles in the population? NOTE: assume the new population is at equilibrium-AFTER the event - so you are comparing two populations what are at equilibrium to look for changes in allele frequencies. Again, start with the frequency you know -homozygous recessive. Follow the same step-by- step procedure as above. What is the frequency of homozygous recessive? What is the predicted frequency of heterozygotes? What is the predicted frequency of homozygous dominant? Given that the allele frequencies did change as the result of the tidal wave, we would say that microevolution has occurred. What do we call the phenomenon that caused this evolution?

Hardy Weinberg equation p^2+2pg+q^2=1

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