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hardy weinberg equilibrium

182) Hardy Weinberg Problem Set 4.2 In a species of mouse, tail length is controlled by genes at a sing long short tail mice, with 22 of the long tail mice having a homozygous Is this population in equilibrium? tail allele dominant to the short tail allele. A population has 49 oenotype. ASU at the west campus Spring 2019 tail and 25 Calculate p and q from the number of individuals of each g enotype Calculate the expected frequency of each genotype if the popu lation is in equilibrium: = Frequency of homozygous dominant individuals - Frequency of heterozygous individuals Frequency of homozygous recessive individuals Calculate the expected number of individuals of each genotype in a population of 74 mice if the gene is in equilibrium Number of homozygous dominant individuals Number of heterozygous individuals Number of homozygous recessive individuals Test how well your data fits the expected values from the equilibrium model: Chi-square test statistic P value (y/n) in equilibrium?
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