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hardy weinberg equilibrium

Hardy Weinberg Problem Setn 44 In a certain species of prickly pear, having straight or curved spines is a trat controlled by genes at a single locus, with the straight spine allele dominant to the curved spine allele. A population of prickly pears has 37 individuals with straig and 42 individuals with curved spines. of the prickly pears with straight spines a homozygous dominant genotype. Is this population in equilibrium ASU at the west campus Spring 2019 ht , 12 have Calculate p and q from the number of individuals of each genotype Calculate the expected frequency of each genotype if the population is in equilibrium: Frequency of homozygous dominant individuals - Frequency of heterozygous individuals Frequency of homozygous recessive individuals Calculate the expected number of individuals of each genotype in a population of 79 prickly pear cacti if the gene is in equilibrium: - Number of homozygous dominant individuals - Number of heterozygous individuals Number of homozygous recessive individuals Test how well your data fits the expected values from the equilibrium model: Chi-square test statistic P value (y/n) in equilibrium?
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