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Have you ever used a smariphone or an automobiles GPS to help navigate you to a specific location? These, and the list below, are examples of using GPS Many mobile phones, vehicles, and watches now include GPS, which aids in everyday, personal navigation efflorts GPS is also used as a personal activity monitor that tracks the number of stops a person walks within a day, or the milesge that is covered during a wak Sclentists use GPS to track an animals movements and habits by attaching radio collars to animals ln tion, GPS has many agploatens that are useful to d terent protess ons. One example îs conse aton be Ogists. who use GPS te oonaeting spec es preservator As shown in Figure A1, GPS uses an array of satelites to determine a precise location, elevation, and time lat least three satelites are needed for location, with a fourth used for time) in orbit Location ot GPS reclee Signal sant by satelite Figure A1: How GPS uses salelites to determine lcation
In what other specific ways might GPS be useful? Select all that apply. View Available Hint(s) Determining an exact location Recording mountain heights Mapping areas where natural resources occur Charting the distance covered when walking your dog D Analyzing geographic data □ Collecting satellite imagery Submit
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