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he 1S FIGURE P2-57 2-58 Consider a large plane wall of thickness L = 0.4 m, -thermal conductivity k = 1.8 W/m·K, and surface area A = r- 30 m2. The left side of the wall is maintained at a constant tem- is perature of T 90°C while the right side loses heat by con- vection to the surrounding air at To-25°C with a heat transfer is coefficient of h 24 W/m2.. Assuming constant thermal conductivity and no heat generation in the wall, (a) express the is
era- conditions for heat conduction through the wall, (b) obtain rate the insulated surface of the wall. Answer: (c) 314°C ffi- relation for the variation of temperature in the wall by solving mal the differential equation, and (c) determine the temperature eis a2-87 S Reconsider Prob. 2-86. Using the relation given nd- tion as a function of the distance x in the range of x 0to the heat generation in the wall, plot the heat gencn ion and discuss the results. Use the EES (or other) software. e 2-88 In a nuclear reactor, 1-cm-diameter cylindric on rods cooled by water from outside serve as the fue ical uran e in generated uniformlu iu
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