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Heat transfer
Design Layout Rete ences Mailings Review View Help Autodesk Vault ρ Tale Title Tide TITLE TitleTITLE Colors Fonts Document Formatting Exercise 2. Symbols and Units 1. What 4 basic properties define the English system of units? 2. What is the Sl symbol for absolute temperature? 3. What is the symbol/abbreviation used for absolute pressure in English units? 4. What is meant by a differential pressure measurement? 5. What are the basic SI units (kg, m, s, C) that make up 1 Pa? 6. What are three commonly used English units for energy? 7. What is the unit for measuring a quantity of electricity? 8. Why is it wrong to include too many significant digits in a technical computation? 9. What are two reasons for starting a technical problem from a sketchi 10. As a guideline you have been told to submit technical calculations that would be easy for your boss to interpret. What does that mean? Give specific examples of how to accomplish this. rch 0
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