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Heat Transfer

Heat is generated within an infinitely long rod at the rate of 104 W/m3. Thermal conductivity of the rod is 2 W/mK, and its diameter is 0.01 m. The air surrounding the rod is at 15 C and h = 1000 W/m2K. (a) Write the heat diffusion equation in its general form and simplify it for this rod. Assume heat transfer to be steady state and one-dimensional in the radial direction. Write the boundary conditions. One of the two boundary conditions is T(R) = Ts, where R is the rod radius and Ts rod surface temperature (b) Solve this equation and apply the boundary condition to obtain temperature distribution, T(r) within the rod. (c) Write an Octave code (or use your preferred software) to compute temperature distribution of the rod as a function of radius for these values of internal heat generation: 100,000, 2,100,000, 4,100,000, 6,100,000, 8,100,000 W/m3.

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