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Heat Transfer

A composite wall consists of four layers. The layers from left to right are face brick (0.1 m thick), pine wood (0.05 m), plywood (0.05 m), and cement plaster (0.015 m). Outside surface of the composite wall (brick side) is exposed to air at -10 C and ho 100 W/m2K. The inside surface (plaster) is in contact with air at 20 C and hi -5 W/m2K. (a) Sketch a thermal circuit for heat transfer through the wall from outside air to inside air. Determine the value of each thermal resistance for unit area (b) Determine the heat flux through the wall. (c) Determine the temperature of the wall surfaces and layer interfaces (d) Plot the temperatures obtained in part (c) as a function of x with x - 0 positioned on the outside surface of the wall

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