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Question: heat transfer here is the table...

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Heat Transfer

Consider a carbon steel (AISI 1010) pipe with the inner diameter of 0.1 m and a wall thickness of 0.005 m. The pipe is insulated by fiberglass insulation. The fluid flowing inside the tube is at 120 C with hi - 200 W/m2K, and the surrounding fluid is at 20 C and ho - 50 W/m2K. (a) If the insulation R-value for the fiberglass is 13, sketch a thermal circuit from inside fluid to outside fluid. Calculate each thermal resistance per unit length of the tube. Note that the R-values are given for unit area. The unit of insulation R-value (for unit area) is ft2F/(Btu/h), which is converted to SI units using 1 m2K/W- 5.67446 ft2F/(Btu/h). So the given R-value should be divided by 5.67446 to get m2K/W. Thickness of the insulation for this R-value is 3.5 in (b) Determine the heat loss per unit length of the pipe. (c) Write an Octave code or use your software of choice to calculate and plot the heat loss vs the insulation R-values of 10 to 50. Thickness of fiberglass insulation for each R-value is given in the website of hardware stores (see the table below as an example for R-13.)

Here is the table

Dimensions Coverage Area (sq. ft.) 106.56 Product Thickness (in.) 3.5 in Product Length (ft.) 7.75 ft Product Width (in.) 15 Details Faced or Unfaced Faced 10 Number of Bags Pieces Per Bag Product Weight (lb.) Insulation Features Formaldehyde Free, Vapor Retardant Insulation Location 2x4 Walls 36.1lb Insulation R-Value R13 90-Day Insulation Type Fiberglass Insulation Roll or Batt Batt

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