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Question: heat transfer question do 2 not 1...

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Heat transfer question.
Do #2 not 1

PROBLEM 1 Th is an attractive nuclear fuel since it can be converted to fissile U without the risk of nuclear proliferation. Within a cylindrical fuel rod, neutrons facilitate a chain reaction, which releases energy as heat, and this heat is used to boil water to run the Rankine cycle. Since both the graphite coatings and water serve as neutron moderators, the reaction is not as intense near the outer surface as compared to the middle. Thus, the heat generation is typically modeled as where q, is the rate of heat generation per unit volume at r-0 Show that, for a given surface temperature T, the temperature distribution is given by 바-(카바%) 4K 16k PROBLEM 2 Referring back to Problem 1, if the heat flux through a fuel rod of diameter is 500,000 Btu/hr ft, calculate a) The rate of heat generation at the center b) The temperature difference between the core and surface temperatures Thermal conductivity of uranium is 16 Btu/hr ftF
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