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Question: hello can anyone help me with a response to below...

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Hello can anyone help me with a response to below post

Dealing with larger hospital with teaching facilities are more likely to have a higher financial backing than small area hospitals. EHR is a surer way for doctors to get patient information, but dealing with smaller areas it is not likely that small areas would have the financial backing on this system because of where it is located. It would be a great change for rural area hospital to use EHR systems and get rid of paper based. Some hospitals might face its own obstacles, there are some challenges that are widespread throughout rural healthcare that can be helped with EHR implementation. When it comes to patients, customer needing medication and physician making noting it's better for them to have a EHR systems, that way it will be better to access any information that's on chart when needed. Many EHRs come equipped with patient portals that allow individuals to securely communicate with their physicians. For instance, a quick email could determine whether the patient's symptoms warrant an in-person consultation, or it could serve as a request for a prescription refill. Patient portals also allow individuals to review test results, which inherently makes them more involved with their care. One thing with systems like this is that your work would never get lost whereas paper work might. Sometimes when a doctor is very busy they can access any computer from the hospital and get information that is needed. In rural areas it would be difficult to have such systems with the shortages of physicians, nurses because training will be involved to learn everything there is to know how it works. If these two would combine it will be a slow process because of the technology. Technology is not going to be the same as with city hospitals, the area in which it's located

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