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Hello! Hope All is well! I have just a quick and hopefully easy request. For the following text below, could you please check the whole thing for grammatical and spelling errors. Also please run it through Grammarly to solve any grammatical and spelling errors and send it back. I greatly appreciate your help and I'll be sure to give you a big thumbs up on this one!!!

Clinch Valley Medical Center 175 bed hospital operating in western Virginia with further operations in 18 States. The organisation decided to implement six Sigma but understood the importance of combining it with the theory of constraints identification and elimination of bottlenecks. it was him that minimising inefficiencies within all ki processes resulting in production of average wait time for patients by 70% while successfully eliminating defection of customers to competitors. The senior management took an informed decision to focus on pre admission testing process the continuous improvement initiatives this particular process impacts largely all other related processes and streamlining this could lead to improvement in all related processes by introduction of patient focused improvement initiatives in every process.

The entire implementation process was undertaken in a very systematic Manu bye identification of all involved stakeholders and extensive feedback on various factors for accurate information on bottlenecks. The bottlenecks so focused upon to exploit them and convert them into an advantage by either matching the system speed to bottleneck flow or where possible implementing changes to alleviate the bottleneck to match the system. Then continue the process of identifying other bottlenecks.

The team appointed for pre admission test improvement utilise the strategy of exploitation elimination of bottlenecks with application of lean six Sigma tools through effective implementation of improvement steps in that addressing the critical to quality parameters within every process. This was achieved by a systematic and analytical approach supported by adequate research through feedback, analysis of available data and observation. This helped streamline and drastically improve all the critical to quality factors and other related factors within the process of surgery appointments, operating room scheduling, patient scheduling and registration, patient pre-operation assessment process, patient requirement laboratory, x-ray and scanning test, patient operating room schedule confirmation and discharge of patient with accurate surgery timing.

This entire system was successfully implemented by adequate focus on planning and implementation in a methodical manner with the help of preparation now flowchart and use of visual cues an adequate assistance for facilitation by use of equipments such as beeper system. Another important facilitative tools in the successful implementation of the process was use of the functional deployment matrix accurate identification of the key process input variables key process output variables and adequate weight is being provided to all other factors such as provision of correct and complete information to the patient for their adequate education, the proper scheduling of the pre admission test comma the quality of patient service and maintenance of adequate diplomacy comma privacy and empathy, the waiting time and complete assessment. The key process input variables defined efficient communication with physician office accuracy of Information and process patient awareness of location of procedures, standard operating procedure, communication tool and employee scheduling. This further help to accurately focus upon the areas with maximum value for all involved stakeholders and with minimal quality standards. Is facilitated the streamlining of the entire process and ensuring patient requirements address to attain maximum satisfaction on the basis of their opinions. All stakeholders provided adequate consideration to achieve best performance and output.

For the entire process to be implemented successfully and ensure required goals were achieved adequate post implementation focus was maintained to ensure the improvement was a continuous process and not a one time effort. Post improvement process flow chart help identify areas with had achieved required improvement and all measurable factors at the level of quality which was required to be achieved in the plan. This also served as a constant monitoring and control tool and a measurement for future comparison and analysis.

The organisation had major lessons as takeaways from the project. The easiest solution may not always be the best option which was identified within the bottlenecks. That the most challenging aspect of implementation of tools such as six Sigma continuous improvement processes is to manage people working within the process and not the process itself. after years of working within a process individuals have a tendency to become the process and identify the process as being owned by them. There is it any interference or change within the process. It is essential to provide adequate consideration to all available accurate data. It is essential that observation and involvement at the bottom level of the day to day process management be interesting before adopting plans and strategies. to achieve and analyse results quickly with adequate display and involvement of all to keep everyone motivated and use early success to spur further success.

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