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Question: hello i am supposed to create a query with the...

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Hello, I am supposed to create a query with the Last name and First Name it customers who never made purchases. Can someone please tell me how to do this + the criteria required?

Replace Go To. libr Descending Advanced- Remove Sort ▼Toggie Filter Save ラSpelling eienXDelete-More . Find SelectBI Sort &Filter Records Find Text Formatting ㄍㄧ血CUSTOMERS( EMPLOYEES個SALES⑤ Query ID LName FName Job Title City . si·ZP/Postal C·[country/Reedekto Add WA 99999 WA 99999 Anna Seattle Boston Los Angelas CA 99999 Dallas Brownsville TX 78512 Milwaukee WI 99999 Portland OR 99999 1 Bedecs Owner Owner Owner Purchasing Manager Accounting Manager Purchasing Assistant 123 1st Street 123 2nd Street 789 19th Street 2 Gratacos Solso Antonio 19 Eggerer 20Singh 21 Tham Alexander 田 TX 78521USA Anil Bernard Luciana Michael Jonas ohn Run Karen 789 20th Street 789 21th Street 789 22th Street 789 23th Street 22 Mathew USA Purchasing Manager 23 Mark 24 Luke 25 John 26 Liu 27 Toh 789 24th Street Salt Lake City UT 99999 USA owner IL 99999 WA 99999 Purchasing Manager789 25th Street Accounting Assistant 789 26th Street 789 27th Street 789 28th Street Dallas Miami Las Vegas NV 99999 Memphis TN 99999 PM 28 Smith PM
se Repiace | lsapd 迪 Calibri Copy Format Painter ↓ Descending 왜 Remove Sort 旦Save Advanced- ▼ Toggle Filter F ter GoTo. Refresh | Delete .-More ipboard Sort & Filter Records Find Text Formatting CUSTOMERS EMPLOYEES SALES( << Query! Transaction ID . CustomerID·| Employee Transaction Date . | Click to Add Total . 10 102 103 104 105 106 14-Jan-09$8,000.00 1-Feb-09 $550.00 14-Feb-09 $500.00 16-Mar-09 $450.00 19-Mar-09$555.00 $5.00 25 26 23-Mar-09
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