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Question: hello i answered this question for my latin american social...

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Hello I answered this question for my Latin American Social movement class but I have some comment from my teacher. I just need help with it!
The submissions for this assignment are posts in the assignments discussion. Bel are the discussion posts for Alejandro Sorto, or you can view the full discussion. from How did the movements to independence in Latin America change the You could have given a specific example, this is too broad and vague. More democratic and fair society? colonial structures? Greg Landau. Feb 2t 10:09m 14 hours ago Before the war the colonies were only permitted to trade with Spain. and at rates advantageous for Spanish merchants. The Latin American Wars of Independence, which occurred during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, were mainly influenced by the American as well as French Revolutions and consequently lead to Add a Comment: the creation of a number of independent countries in Latin America The colonies throw the European rule and replacing it with more democratic and fair society. There were an increasing sense in colonies of being different from Spain, and these differences were culture and usually took the form of great pride in region that any specific creole belonged to. By the end of the eighteenth century. those who were locals preferred to be called Americans and not Spaniards e Media Comment Attach File Save
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