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Question: hello i did this essay but i need to change...

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Hello, I did this essay but I need to change the graphs, like if I did them my self, just read the essay and do 2 or three graphs that can explain what I’m talking about, please do it on word or excel, not in a paper
please and thank you

Candida Glabrata MATERIALS AND METHODS The study will assume a qualitative study design, in which the data collected will not
Candida Glabrata The review also included evaluating the incidences of renal failure that could roquire hemodialysis as well
Candida Glabrata STUDY RESULTS The entire study period was characterized by a total of 144 episodes of candidemia infections
Candida Glabrata Fig I: Candida glabrata candidemia in adult IC The figure presented below is a graphical representation of t
Candida Glabrata Risk factor surwiers patients 14) (12) ge 65 years CU (medical Surgical) Use of broad spectum 0 671 0 133 11
Candida Glabrata antifungals or specific identification of the fungi as Candida glabrata. (Gupta, Gupta,& Varma, 2015) The mo
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