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Hello, I have worked on the following question and I wanted to be sure if everything is right?  If there are mistakes, please help me by correcting them as I have given every detail. Thank you so much :)

Write a parent class that describes a parcel (like a package) and a child class that describes an overnight parcel.

A parcel is described by:

  • id (which might contain numbers and letters)
  • weight (described as the number of pounds)

An overnight parcel is described by id and weight and also:

  • whether or not a signature is required upon deliver

1. Write the class header and the instance data variables for the Parcel class.

public class Parcel {
   // the parcel class has two instance variables or fields
   private String id;
   private int weight;

2.Write two constructors for the Parcel class.

  • the first constructor takes in both pieces of information (id and weight)
  • the second constructor takes in only the id and uses a default value for the weight (you can decide the default value)

   public Parcel (String id, int weight) {
       this.id = id;
       this.weight = weight;
       //2nd constructor
       public Parcel (String id) {
           this.id = id;
           this.weight = 23;

3.Write getters and setters for the instance data variables of the parcel class. Include validity checks where appropriate.

public String getID() {
           return this.id;
       public int getWEIGHT() {
           return this.weight;
       public void setID ( String id) {
           this.id = id;
       public void setWEIGHT (int weight) {
           this.weight = weight;

4. Write a toString method. The text representation of a parcel should include the id and weight.

public String toString () {
           return ("The confirmation id is" + id + "the weight of the parcel is" + weight);

5.Override the equals method inherited from object. Two parcels are the same (logically equivalent) if they have the same id and same weight.

public boolean equals (Parcel p1) {
           if (p1 == this) {
               return true;
           if (!(p1 instanceof Parcel)) {
               return false;
           return (p1.id==this.id) && (p1.weight==this.weight);


6. Write code that would go inside the main method of a driver/tester program.

  • Create two parcel objects. Use both constructors.
  • Invoke one method on each object.
  • Print both objects to the console.

public static void main (String [] args) {
       Parcel p1 = new Parcel ("YKQ12", 23);
       Parcel p2 = new Parcel ("YKQ12", 23);
       if (p1.equals(p2)) {
   System.out.println("Both of the parcels are same.");
   } else {
   System.out.println("The parcels are different.");


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