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  3. hello i need help with my geology 111 assigment thank...

Question: hello i need help with my geology 111 assigment thank...

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Hello, I need help with my Geology 111 Assigment, Thank You. I can not upload the picture, figure. It's alright not to answer the last question.

Week Three: Intro to Rocks / Igneous Rocks

1. From Activity 4.5 (p.121), place an “X” in the table to indicate what rock group is characterized by each of the processes and rock properties (hint: there is only one rock type for each process/rock property). (5 pts)

Processes and Rock Properties           Igneous           Sedimentary   Metamorphic

Lithification of sediment                               

Intense heating (but not melting)                              

Crystals precipitate from water                                 

Solidification of magma/lava                        

Melting of rock                                  

Compaction of sediment                               

Folding of rock                                  



Common fossils                                

2. From Activity 5.5 (p.143), analyze and classify the igneous rock pictured below (sample 44 of your rock kit). Infer the origin of the rock based on its texture. (5 pts)

-Mafic color index (% of mafic mineral crystals):   

-Would you describe the rock as mafic, intermediate, or felsic?      

-Texture present (i.e. phaneritic or aphanitic):         

-The name of this rock is:

-Based on its texture, how did this rock form (i.e. intrusively or extrusively)?       

Use your textbook and rock samples to answer the following questions.

3. Look at Bowen’s Reaction Series (figure 4.20 on p. 110 of your textbook). Lay your mineral samples on a white sheet of paper in the same arrangement as the minerals are presented in the figure, and take a picture. Paste the picture below (4 pts):

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