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Question: hello i need help with the following...

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Hello, I need help with the following:

D 《niles) 225 02.5 180 57.5 135 -「 ㄒㄧ 12.5 98 67.5 45 22.5 2 3 t Chours)

The graph below shows the distance traveled, D (in miles) as a function of time, t (in hours) (Click on the graph to get a larger version,) (a) For each of the intervals, find the values of △D and △t between the indicated start and end times. Enter your answers in their respective columns in the table below. Time Interval t0.5 to t 3 1 tot 4 t 2 to t 3.5 (b) Based on your results from (a) it follows that the average rate of change of D is constant, and it does not depend over which interval of time you choose. What is the constant rate of change of D? AD At Notice that the graph of D is a line and that the average rate of change of D is constant. The average rate of change of a line is used to measure its steepness, or slope. (c) Which of the statements below CORRECTLY explains the significance of your answer to part (b)? Select ALL that apply (more than one may apply) A. It is the total distance the car travels in five hours. B. It is the slope of the line C. It is the average velocity of the car over the first two hours. D. It is how far the car will travel in a half-hour. E. It represents the cars velocity. F. It is the acceleration of the car over the five hour time interval. G. None of the above

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