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  3. hello im c programming student i got the exact program...

Question: hello im c programming student i got the exact program...

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Card Identifier In the Student Sample Programs that accompany this book, you will find a folder named Images Cards Poker Large. In that folder you will find JPEG image files for a complete deck of poker cards. Create an application with five PictureBox controls. Each PictureBox should display a different card from the set of images. When the user clicks any of the PictureBox controls, the name of the card should be displayed in a Label control. Figure shows an example of the application running. The image on the left shows the applications form when it starts running. The image on the right shows the form after the user has clicked the two of clubs card Figure Card Identifier application Chek Cnrd to Seo its Name Click a Card to See Its Name IOKER Two of Clubs

Hello, I'm C# programming student. I got the exact program for homework and it's working well. However, in addition to it I am suppose to choose the 5 cards at random from the deck of 54 cards (regular deck plus the two jokers). They should be different every time the program is run. Also, I need to make sure not to present the same card more than once. I would much appreciate your help.

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