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Would you please help me understand how to solve these problems. Thank you so much!Alliance Companys budgets production of 24,000 units in January and 28,000 units in the February. Each finished unit requires 4 pounds of raw material K that costs $2.50 per pound. Each months ending raw materials inventory should equal 40% of the following months budgeted materials. The January 1 inventory for this material is 38,400 pounds. What is the budgeted materials cost for January? Multiple Choice $240,000. $352,000. $256,000 $144,000 $208,000Bengal Co. provides the following sales forecast for the next three months: July August September Sales units 5,000 5,700 5,560 The company wants to end each month with ending finished goods inventory equal to 25% of the next months sales. Finished goods inventory on June 30 is 1,250 units. The budgeted production units for August areMultiple Choice 6,950 units. 4,310 units 7,090 units. 5,665 units. 4,135 units.

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